Monday, June 4, 2012

So when you get a txt from Linsey Corbin saying you should update your blog you should probably do it. So!

Here is a quick update.
   I took my finals at Fort Lewis a week early to get to Joe Martin, the race went well I placed 8th in the opening uphill time trial.  We closed out the race with my teammate Isaiah taking 4th on GC.  From Joe Martin I flew back to Durango... for a day before driving to Ogden, UT to race Collegiate Nationals.  We ended up winning the team time trial.  It was a bit of a surprise as we thought it did not go well at all after losing a guy relativity early in the race.  We took the stars and bars 4 seconds over Stanford.  The road race and crit went ok for the team.  We had guys finish 4th and 6th.
   From Ogden I drove back to Missoula and surprised my mom for an early mother's day present.  I was home for two days before flying to St. Louis where the Gateway Harley Davidson cycling team is based.  I did a local race before heading to Iowa and Illinois for a series of Criteriums and a road race from Friday to Monday.  I went back to St. Louis for a day before flying to Portland where I am currently staying in a host house with our team in preparation for the Mount Hood Stage race that starts on Friday.  For race updates tune in to the teams new twitter page (GHDcycling)

The last month and a half has been a whirlwind of travel but I have loved it!

From Top:
  Joe Martin team
  Motor Pacing the TTT course.
 Practicing the turn around on the TTT
 Riding to 5th at a local St. Louis Crit

Photo Credit: Chad Cheeney

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